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Can you cook lentils in the rice cooker?

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Delving into the gastronomic expedition of lentils through the avant-garde lens of a rice cooker unfurls a labyrinthine and intricately woven culinary escapade. Witness a symphony of opulent flavors and techniques, meticulously choreographed to transcend the mundane confines of traditional cookery.

Ingredients, those diminutive guardians of taste, stand poised for their grand entrance into the culinary coliseum:

  • An ephemeral cup of lentils, tenderly rinsed in the crisp embrace of cold water.
  • Two ethereal cups of liquid essence, be it the aqueous ballet of water or the elixir of vegetable broth.
  • One regal onion, destined for the rhythmic ballet of the chop.
  • Two cloves of garlic, their pungent essence encapsulated in a mincing spectacle.
  • A tablespoon of ambrosial oil, a maestro’s touch to conduct the symphony.
  • Salt and pepper, the alchemical elixirs of taste, pirouette in the background.
  • Optional dancers on this culinary stage include spices like cumin, coriander, or the enigmatic bay leaves, introducing a chiaroscuro of added flavors.

And thus, the overture commences with the prima donna, the lentils, taking center stage:

Rinse the Lentils:

In the delicate dance of preparation, immerse the lentils in the balletic flow of cold water. A ritual to cleanse and purify, setting the stage for the upcoming culinary spectacle.

Preheat the Rice Cooker:

The maestro, the rice cooker, takes its place under the spotlight. Activate the “cook” or “steam” setting, an overture of warmth, as the aromatics prepare for their entrance.

Sauté Aromatics:

Enter the aromatics, the protagonists of this gastronomic opera. The oil, a virtuoso, sautés the onions and garlic, weaving an olfactory tapestry that foreshadows the depth and complexity of the impending flavor symphony.

Add Lentils:

The lentils, bathed in the aromatic crescendo, join the ensemble. Stirred and coated in the flavorful pas de deux with onions and garlic, they embrace the impending infusion of tastes.


The grandeur of seasoning unfolds, an invitation for the audience (your taste buds) to participate actively. Salt, pepper, and optional spices, a palette for the discerning connoisseur to paint their flavor desires.

Add Liquid:

The stage set, the liquid descends like a gentle rain, adhering to the 2:1 ratio—a meticulous equilibrium to ensure the lentils dance in unison, absorbing the liquid sonnet.


The curtain descends as the rice cooker’s lid envelops the culinary theater. The lentils, now protagonists in their own tale, cook and absorb the liquid libretto, a transformative journey spanning 15 to 45 minutes.

Check for Doneness:

The rice cooker, now a silent observer, signals the transition to the “warm” setting. Lift the veil, inspect the lentils—a tender ballet, not too firm, not too yielding.

Serve and Enjoy:

The finale approaches, a crescendo of fluffing lentils with a fork. A spectacular denouement as the lentils take their final bow, ready to be savored as a side dish, atop rice, or in a symphony of soup. Garnish with herbs or a citrusy curtain call for a sensory encore.

In the tapestry of rice cooker lentils, simplicity transcends to sophistication, and the ordinary metamorphoses into the extraordinary. Embark on this culinary odyssey, where each bite is a note in the symphony of taste, resonating with the echoes of a masterful composition.

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